Integrated security systems

As specialist electrical engineers we can design completely integrated security systems.

This will enable advanced features such as door access integration with an intruder alarm to lock escape routes, or fire alarm to unlock barriers for evacuation.

Closed Circuit Televion (CCTV)
CCTV acts as an immediate deterrent to all types of criminal activity including burglary,
anti-social behaviour, vandalism and vehicle theft. Research conducted by the Home Office concurred that 84% of burglars avoid properties with a CCTV system. Furthermore, it can be used as evidential support in court for the prosecution and conviction of criminals.

It serves as important home security provision, providing continuous, programmable surveillance both inside and outdoors. There are a range of flexible recording options available to cover every environment and CCTV can easily be integrated with additional security systems.

Your home has the potential to be safer and better protected than ever before through the utilisation of these new security technologies. We can offer complete service in electrical design and installation, together with home automation, lighting design, AV integration, intruder alarms, CCTV and VDE. This is advantageous as you will have just one point of contact for all your home electrical needs, rather than one company for general electrical work, and others for installing high-tech AV equipment and so on.

Door Access Systems
Protect your property by controlling who can enter it with door access systems from electrical technolo-g.

We offer access control systems ranging from a stand-alone keypad reader for a single door to web based access control systems for multiple doors in large organisations.

To find out how we can bring the most effective security to your home call 01793 710003 or email us to book a free consultation.


Door Access Systems