Spread the power, emotion, energy and richness of sound everywhere in your home with multi-room audio.

Imagine a system that enables each family member to listen to their favourite music in any room of your home. Classical music in the living room, reggae in the garden, nursery rhymes in the playroom, and soft rock in the kitchen.

Multi-room audio is convenient, smart, intelligent and sophisticated. It’s also affordable and within your reach.

Keypads and hand held devices are located throughout your home serving as convenient command stations. Media can be selected and distributed so each room has controlled video, music and volume at the touch of a button.

Music and TV can be downloaded from the internet and sent anywhere around the home or to a hand-held device. For example, you can have access to millions of songs in any room, at any time through an online music service.

If you move to another room you can continue to enjoy the same music or video, with the press of a couple of buttons. You can start watching a film in the lounge before finishing it off from the bedroom. A system can even be programmed to follow you via a sensor which notices when you move from place to place.

Multiple audio or video sources can be linked with lighting and blinds to provide mood settings. Imagine an automated cinema room with a projector and screen that come down at the touch of a button, as well as lighting and blinds or curtains that adapt to your chosen settings.

With expert advice on technologies available, equipment and installation, you will be able to make informed decisions. This way you will get exactly what you want; a system that is perfectly suited to meet your every need.

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