electrical technolo-g offer services in the design and installation of CCTV for home use. Our bespoke service means the entire system will be designed to meet your requirements. Everything from the type of cameras, to the choice of control panel is selected based on the individual application. As NICEIC approved contractors and domestic installers, we can take care of all your CCTV needs. We are members of TRUST MARK and are Part ‘P’ registered as required by recent Government Legislation for domestic electrical installation work and repairs. We offer high-quality products from leading manufacturers and a first-rate after-sales service for your peace of mind. Our talented technicians are fully trained, exceeding industry standards. After completion, all work will be tested and certificates issued where necessary. No matter what your security requirements, electrical technolo-g have the expertise to complete the job on time and within budget.

Advanced CCTV Options

electrical technolo-g can advise you on the many different options available for home CCTV. Home automation systems and wireless technology have enhanced the functionality of CCTV for homeowners. Users can benefit from heightened security and greater convenience. Here are just some of the more advanced features that you can employ:
  • Select and watch cameras live from an internet source on your PC, laptop or smartphone.
  •  CCTV can be customised to record when detecting movement and send an alert to a designated person.
  •  Cameras can be controlled, allowing the user to observe activity around a property from a monitor or touch panel.
  •  It can fully integrate with other aspects of your home automation system, for example setting up light activation routines when you’re not there.
  •  CCTV can be incorporated into the system so that images can be seen on TVs and other devices.
  •  You can see who is at the door before you open it, this can be combined with electronic door access systems to allow you to let visitors into the house without actually going to the door.