Door Access Systems

Types of Door Entry Systems

From basic, single door entry residential intercoms to sophisticated video entry systems for high-security facilities, we can offer you a range of solutions.

Audio Entry – An intercom allows you to speak directly to your visitors before you
allow them access.

Video Entry – See who’s arrived at your property. Video entry systems can either be one way; allowing you to identify a visitor without revealing your presence, or two-way. They can be integrated with your audio system so that you can see and communicate with visitors.

Automatic Gates and Barriers – Stop unwelcome visitors before they get to your
door and block unauthorised vehicles. Gates and barriers can be operated manually
or automatically, a variety of size, style and control options are available to meet your
individual requirements.

Swipe Card – Access control with a simple, low cost swipe card reader. The card
has a magnetic stripe which stores individual identification and access data. You
can restrict access to private areas, control and record who goes where and when
they enter.

Proximity Card – This is a contactless circuit device with a normal read range of
100mm – this can be wider if required. These have all the same benefits of swipe
cards, without the inconvenience.

Biometric Readers – high security which recognises human characteristics.
Biometric devices are available with fingerprint, hand, eye or face recognition. This
eliminates administrative difficulties caused by people forgetting, losing or lending
cards to other staff members.

For your home

electrical technolo-g can offer you state-of-the-art security solutions for your home;

  • door access systems that integrate with existing home automation. Be safer and protect your
    family from intruders by restricting entry to your property. Plus enjoy a whole host of convenient
    features that can enhance your lifestyle.
  • See who is at the door before you answer it
  • Have intercom access throughout – so there’s no need to rush to pick up the phone in another room
  • Use individual access codes or entry devices for each family member
  • Restrict access to home service providers – the entrance they use and time of day
  • Integrate access control with home automation systems
  • Route the intercom/video entry system to your mobile allowing two-way audio and video streams