Exterior Lighting Design

We offer a complete exterior lighting design service, creating exciting lighting designs that complement the interior space as well as the exterior. Whether you require contemporary lighting for your rooftop garden, to illuminate your driveway or to generally extend your living and dining space to the outside by subtle or dramatic illumination. Our design service can be tailored to suit your needs; we offer solutions to fit your preferences, lifestyle, energy efficiency needs and budget restraints.

As with the interior lighting, we can take the lighting design one step further, should you require, and offer the option of complete electrical installation. We are NICEIC approved contractors for your peace of mind. We’ll liaise with your landscaping team and even offer an onsite supervision service.

Landscaping & Lighting

We can work with your garden layout plans to produce an external lighting scheme. Whether you require space for entertaining, dramatic highlighting of trees and planting, a feeling of security while inside your home or just want a warm welcome for your visitors, we can help you achieve all of this with an energy-efficient solution.

A property’s exterior space is just as important as its interior. A cleverly designed outdoor space will be an extension of the main house, providing another room and offering a place for recreation, relaxation and dining. When it comes to landscape architecture or garden design, lighting plays a very important role in the design’s overall look and feel.

The approach to lighting an exterior space is different, although parallels can still be used to maintain a synergy between the outside and in. This way the property will be in harmony with its outdoor surroundings. Professional lighting designs can bring your garden to life, creating beauty and warmth and transforming it into a functional space.

Exterior of large lit-up house
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Exterior of lit-up contemporary looking house
Accent Lights

You may have a particular garden feature to highlight such as an archway, water fountain, exotic tree or plant. This can be achieved using many different options such as up-lights, spotlights, pendants, rope lights and underwater LEDs.

Task Lighting

When the sun goes down, you’ll need lighting to enjoy your patio, terrace, pergola, summerhouse or courtyard. Depending on how you use your outdoor space, there’s a myriad of options to choose from. You can illuminate doorways, pathways and steps for safety and aesthetics. Use contemporary spots or ornate lanterns as a guide through the garden in darkness.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is used to create the right feel and ambience that fits in with the landscape design. Whether that’s twinkling rope lighting for a romantic mood, cool blue LEDs for a modern space or glowing Victorian style lanterns in a period property.

Underwater Lights

If you have a garden pond, water feature, swimming pool or spa, you can use underwater lighting. LED lights in a range of different designs, colours are available and you’ll have the opportunity to get really creative.


A good lighting design will enhance the security and safety of your property. This is achieved by illuminating the dark corners and potential access points and through the use of sensory operated and remote control features.

We will consult with you to create outdoor lighting solutions that fulfil your requirements, both aesthetically and practically and within budget. We’ll produce lighting layout drawings, circuit plans, specifications and data and luminaire costing sheets for the project.

The end result will be a safe and exciting, but functional outdoor illumination that enhances your property and enables you to have beautiful surroundings that can be enjoyed late into the evening.

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