Lighting & Electrical Design for German, Off Site, Manufactured Homes

For the last few years, we have worked with a number of German manufacturers of individual, factory-fabricated houses, providing lighting and electrical designs that complement the contemporary architecture of the buildings. We understand the discipline and attention to detail, at the early design stage, which is so important when planning a precision, German, off-site house. We have experience with liaising with the architect, project manager and the German factory to ensure a smooth-running project.

Again, as the client, you can choose to use just the lighting design services but in addition, we can provide a full electrical design, producing drawings that show the position of sockets, cat 6, TV points etc. We can also take the design one step further, if you require, and provide the complete electrical installations of not only the electrics, lighting and lighting control but all aspects of electrical installation from home automation through to in-house audio, VDE, CCTV and alarms. This one-stop-shop approach allows the customer just one point of contact for all their electrical needs. We also understand that good lighting design, with its attention to detail, is only effective if installed correctly, so by working together as one team we can provide harmony between the designer and the installer.

Meisterstuck-Kenilworth-Kitchen area of German off-site house-BDK-401
Meisterstuck Kent-1- German off-site house dining area
Exterior of German manufactured off-site house
Exterior of off-site house